Sapo Sauce (Cook | Dip | Spread)

Sapo Sauce (Cook | Dip | Spread)

Sapo Sauce (Cook | Dip | Spread)


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Made from glossy Hoisin sauce, fresh garlic and aromatic Pandi chillies, the MoiSoi Sapo Sauce perfectly balances sweet, salty and spicy flavours to create a unique Asian taste.

Quantity : 1Weight : 175 gmsServes : 3 - 4
Shelf Life. : 12 MonthOnce Opened : 12 month in refrigerator

Sapo Sauce Recipe

Prep Time: 15 Mins

Cooking Time: 5 Mins

Boil Baby corn and shitake mushrooms for 2 minutes. Drain and rinse.

Add table spoon of oil in a pan,and the boiled baby corn and shitake mushrooms, along with sugar snap peas and cherry tomatoes to the pan and sauté for 2-3 minutes.
Add 1 tbl spoon of Moi Soi Sapo Sauce, stir fry and Serve hot!
(Add ringlets of charred squid for a non-veg version!)

Edible Vegetable Oil (22%)(Sunflower Oil),Red Chilli (12%),Hoisin Sauce (9% -Acetic Acid , Allura AC),Garlic,Onion,Ginger,Seasoning,Salt,Sugar, Vinegar ,Spices and Condiments, permitted class II preservatives – potassium sorbate (ins 202) and sodium benzoate (ins 211)


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