Oriental Chilli Paste
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Oriental Chilli Paste

Oriental Chilli Paste

180 144

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Oriental Chilli Paste is a fine combination of Kashmiri chilli, Pandi chilli, Reshampatti, sugar and salt blended and cooked to make a paste that fills the spice in your food with fiery hot flavours.
Use our intense Oriental Chilli Paste to cook Asian curries or blend it with mayonnaise to turn it into a mild dip.

Quantity : 1Weight – gms : 200Serves : 4
Shelf Life. : 9 MonthOnce Opened : 0
Roughly chop French beans, leeks and roasted pumpkin. Sauté at medium heat for 2 minutes with one tbl. spoon sesame oil. 
Add 1 tea spoon of MoiSoi Chili paste. Season with soya sauce, vinegar, salt and pepper. 
Add 2 cups boiled rice noodle, mix well and garnish with spring onions to serve!
Add grilled prawns for a non-veg version!
Ingredient Story:
Made from a combination of 3 mouth-watering varieties of chilly, the MoiSoi Chili Paste, has just the right amount of heat to spice up any oriental dish with a chilly kick! 

Kashmiri Chilly, Pandi Chilly, Reshmapatti, Water, Salt, Sugar, All Seasoning Broth Powder, Vinegar, Oil.


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