Mutton Cutlet
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Mutton Cutlet

Mutton Cutlet

240 120

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Mutton cutlets are a tender and succulent meat minced and rolled in bread crumbs, crisp from outside, spicy from inside.

Try our melt in the mouth mutton cutlets. They’re quick, easy and tasty!! What’s more? They make a great party starter for all your occasions!

Quantity : 25 Pcs + Momo SauceWeight : 560 gmsServes : 4
Shelf Life. : 12 Month in FreezerOnce Opened : Cook Immediately
Deep Fry – Heat oil in the deep frying pan until breadcrumb sizzle when dropped into it.
Carefully add the frozen Ceres Foods Mutton Cutlet and fry for 4-5 mins turning occasionally until golden brown and crisp on all sides.
Remove the Mutton Cutlet with a slotted spoon and drain out the excess oil.
Your dish is ready is to serve. 

Mutton Meat (38%),Potato(17%),Onion (12%),Wet Spices(7%) , Edible Vegetable Oil(Mustard Oil)(5%) , Tomato(5%) , Breadcrumb(4%)(Wheat flour, Yeast, Iodized common salt, Bread Improver (2%) (Refined wheat flour, Dextrose, Iodised salt, Preservative(INS 282), Yeast , Acidity Regulator(INS 260)),Batter 6%(Wheat Flour, Corn starch, Iodized common salt, Emulsifier (INS 466)), Butter(2%) ,Dry Spices(2%), Iodised common Salt(1%), Sugar(1%)


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