Himalayan Momo[Juicy Chicken] 12 Pcs

Himalayan Momo[Juicy Chicken] 12 Pcs

Himalayan Momo[Juicy Chicken] 12 Pcs


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The iconic momo has travelled a long route from Nepal’s Kathmandu Valley entering India through the Himalayan foothills to finally reach the Indian streets. These savoury dumplings are filled with fresh chicken or vegetables and steamed according to various cooking styles.

Our handmade Himalyan Juicy Chicken Momos are extremely appetizing and filled with minced chicken and spices to give you that smack of the delectable Asian cuisine.

Quantity : 25 Pcs + Momo SauceWeight : 560 gmsServes : 4
Shelf Life. : 12 Month in FreezerOnce Opened : Cook Immediately
Fill 3/4 the steamer pot with water & bring to boil
Oil the perforated tray & place Frozen Momos.
Steam for 5-6 minutes.

Chicken Mince ( 35%), Ref Wheat Flour (29%), Onion (22%), RO Water (12%), Ginger, Coriander, Soya Sauce, Oil, Garlic, Salt, HVP


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