Fish Shots
240 120

Fish Shots

240 120

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Love seafood? Fish croquettes are definitely a perfect choice for all the sea food lovers out there. Mild yet flavoursome, we present you our ready to cook, quick and palatable fish shots.

Quantity : 1Weight : 200 gmServes : 3 - 4
Shelf Life. : 12 MonthOnce Opened : 7 days in refrigerator
Deep Fry – Heat oil in the deep frying pan until breadcrumb sizzle when dropped into it.
Carefully add the frozen Ceres Foods Fish Shots and fry for 4-5 mins turning occasionally until golden brown and crisp on all sides.
Remove the Fish Shots with a slotted spoon and drain out the excess oil.
Your dish is ready is to serve. 

Fish , Edible Vegetable Oil(Mustard Oil) , Dry & wet spices ,Iodised common Salt , Acidity regulator (INS 451), Preservative (INS250), Preservative(INS 250), Breadcrumbs- Breadcrumbs(7%) (Wheat flour, Yeast, Iodized Common salt, Bread improvers (2%), Preservative(INS282, INS260))


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