About Us


About Us

At Ceres foods, we believe that “food” is the ultimate ingredient that binds us together. Our team with the collaboration of excellent chefs have created a range of exciting products after years of research.

We have created a portfolio of ready to cook curries, sauces, hot sauces and frozen snacks for Indian and Oriental cuisines which can prepare any restaurant quality dish in a 3 step simple process. Our products are being used by food services businesses world over to bring in consistency, cost control and efficiencies to their operations.

Our consumer packaged goods portfolio aims to bring these restaurant quality products direct to the consumer which will make cooking an absolute joy. The products are differentiated from what is currently available in the market and aims to achieve professional quality results.

Enjoy them as they are or create an enriching culinary experience at your professional
establishment or impress friends and family at home. using our stellar sauces. We aim at serving you the best products manufactured at world class certified facilities.

We wanted to create products that we love to eat ourselves. With the convenience of same day delivery and no compromise sourcing we believe in creating superior quality standard products at affordable prices so that you don’t need a silver fork to eat good food! Hungry enough? Order your bite of heaven with Ceres Foods.

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